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Leadership Skills Intensive - Bellrock Benchmarking

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Great leaders aren’t born, they’re made.

We draw on decades of practical experience and best practice research to deliver customized management training that goes beyond just theory. Our workshop material is built for practical application and you will walk away with new skills that you can immediately apply and reap the benefits of. 

Normally only sold in a pack of 8-12, these leadership workshops are now available individually, only through The Tin Can Shop. Many businesses are also eligible for grant funding of up to 60% through the B.C. Employer Training Grant program (BC ETG)

What’s included:

Choose one (or more) of the workshop types below.

  • Each workshop is conducted in a 3-hour online intensive from 9am-12pm PST of the date noted.

  • Prior to the workshop, we will provide you pre-work case studies from real world situations that help you learn and apply techniques in your environment.

  • Following each workshop, you will have a 1-hour 1-on-1 training session where we go beyond just theory and the classroom by helping you implement your learnings and overcome your specific management challenges so that the results stick.

Workshop options

June 2: Managing Company Performance - Participants will understand how Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) shape performance. Common KPIs will be explored, the concept of leading and lagging indicators will be covered, as will best practices in implementing these measurement systems.

  • Concepts covered: Function accountability chart, KPIs, and dashboards.

July 7: Motivation - Studies show that in about 85% of companies, employees’ morale sharply declines after their first six months – and continues to deteriorate for years afterward. This module teaches participants what they can do to prevent that decline and keep their employees engaged and motivated.

  • Concepts covered: Model for motivation, capitalizing on strengths, managing around weaknesses, giving praise, self-motivation, ARCTIC, and managing different responses to expectations.

September 15: Developing People - This module teaches participants how to develop staff in a way that lets them define a career that fits the needs of both the company and the staff member. Companies can increase retention and focus their training budgets on areas that will have the greatest impact.

  • Concepts covered: Coaching and mentoring, effective relationships, educational development, career pathing, improving engagement, succession planning, and developing managers into leaders.

September 15: Introduction to Management - This module introduces participants to the art and science of management and identifies the key skills that managers need to be successful.

  • Concepts covered: Management vs. leadership, model for managing, change matrix, power models, foundational systems, and strategic planning.

More about Bellrock Benchmarking:

Bellrock is a Vancouver based leadership development firm. But different.

They believe that smart, hardworking business leaders deserve to be profitable and less stressed but don’t always have the right tools to get there on their own. Tara’s team fills the gaps for you and your management team – an MBA in a box, customized to your company – whether the focus needs to be strategy, leadership, sales, or operations. They have the tools and they show you how to use them to get results.


"Bellrock's Management Foundations course was such a beneficial experience for me. I gained so much insight and knowledge on different management tools and tricks that I can apply in my every day with my staff." - Kristina Kovacevic, Organizational Development Manager, Aura Office Interiors

Relationship to Major Tom:

Bellrock met Major Tom when both of our companies had different names and both of our companies were trying to survive the 2008 financial meltdown. Bellrock worked with Major Tom to implement cash flow forecasting systems, sales process, organizational structure, leadership development and strategic planning.

When asked in 2010 if he was happy with their relationship, John Blown, Major Tom's Co-Founder said, "Immediately I saw the impact of their work. The changes in orientation and structure have played a major role in our company having its two best sales months ever in its history. We have experienced at least a 5:1 return and are 100% happy with their work."

The relationship, however, was far from one-sided. Major Tom helped Bellrock develop its online persona, Google Ads campaigns, and SEO. Results were immediate, but also long-lasting. Even today, many of Bellrock's customers come from a Google search. "I never would have believed it," said Tara Landes, Bellrock Founder, "but I am so pleased we invested early to get Major Tom's help. It's still paying dividends a decade later."

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