Recruitment: Top Market Talent Contact List

Recruitment: Top Market Talent Contact List

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Leverage our global talent networks and strategic head-hunting methods to get quick, high-quality results at an affordable cost. 

We conduct thorough research to compile a unique list of top talent in your market. 

What’s included:

  • Access to ElevenEleven global talent network
  • Comprehensive market research
  • A detailed list of top-rated candidates for your open position, including contact details
  • Presenting the talent report to your internal team, to begin outreach.

How it works:

Our team of experienced head hunters will discuss your talent requirements with you and build a list of the top talent in your field. Then we will hand it over to your internal team to begin the outreach and interview process.

Time needed to deliver:

1-3 days

More about ElevenEleven:

Eleven Eleven is a talent collective offering enlightened recruitment and HR services for purpose led companies. Based in Vancouver, we catalyze transformational experiences in the lives of candidates and companies alike.


“I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with ElevenEleven over the past two years and have been blown away by how quickly and thoughtfully they’ve been able to solve my recruitment issues. The team there is committed to the success of my business as if they worked within the company.” - Agata Zsada, Banana Tag.

Relationship to Major Tom:

ElevenEleven has been a trusted partner of Major Tom for over 12 years.