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SEO Health Check

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Get a custom roadmap of how to improve your SEO results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you rank higher on Google and other search engines. The better your rankings, the more people will see your business online and visit your website. 

The SEO Health Check employs a real life technical expert in North America, who manually reviews your site and uncovers specific ways to improve your search engine rankings. You receive a benchmark of how you’re doing and a roadmap of how to improve. 

Key Benefits:

Anyone can use an online tool and get an ‘SEO score’, but the SEO Health Check service from the Tin Can provides a comprehensive audit and expert consultation--with a real person. We ensure that you not only understand your current benchmark and custom recommendations, but that you understand what actually matters and what work will make an impact. You will get clarity on where to focus for maximum ROI.

When you buy the SEO Health Check, you gain our partnership. We provide you a roadmap to improve your SEO, which you can implement yourself or with our expert help. Every recommendation we make, we’re also able to execute on. You’re never on your own and you’re never in the dark. 

Get a clear picture of where you are now with SEO and what you should do to improve, so you can enjoy the common benefits of great SEO: 

  • More high quality website visitors
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Better click through rates
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Higher average time on page and pages per session
  • Improved ROI on Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Increased brand awareness and market share

How it works

Once your order has been placed, we’ll send you a confirmation email with next steps

  1. Your rep will reach out with account access instructions.
  2. Wait 5 - 7 business days 
  3. Get a custom report with detailed recommendations.
  4. Have a 30-minute consultation with our SEO strategist to review the report and discuss actionable next steps.

What’s included

Obtain actionable advice on how to improve your current search engine ranking and traffic. Receive recommendations and a custom report with a consultation explaining: 

  • Indexation (Page index status, 404s or other indexing errors)
  • On-Page SEO Check (URLs, page titles, Meta descriptions, Headers)
  • Page speed performance
  • Backlink Profile (check for toxic or broken backlinks)
  • Local SEO presence

Time to deliver

7 business days


A pre-existing Google Search Console account is required in order to conduct a thorough analysis. If this is not in place, we can assist you with the setup.

Interested in an audit AND implementation? Visit our parent company website, for bespoke SEO services.

Save Time

This service is designed to tackle this problem quickly and efficiently and our team will get started as soon as we receive payment.

Low Risk

This service is guaranteed and if we are not able to complete your project on time and on budget, we will refund your money.

Expert Advice

Our team of digital strategists have worked on more than 1000 projects and we have been in the Internet business for 20+ years.


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