This website and store is owned and operated by the digital agency Major Tom. The concept for the store first came from our Co-Founder, Chris Breikss, who wanted a place where our team could redeem prizes won in social media sharing contests for merchandise and swag.

The offering evolved to showcase gifts that our clients and vendors might be interested in, instead of more generic gift cards. Moving into a new phase we leveraged the eCommerce store to test and experiment with Shopify plugins and integrations into various marketing technologies like the Google Merchant Center as well as Facebook and Instagram product feeds. 

As we know, the digital world can change in an instant but in this case, the world did. The shifts brought about by COVID-19 were so cosmic that we quickly saw a need for COVID-relevant options to keep up with the continually evolving situation. This led to our web-based services offering available for eCommerce purchase. We broke down our full-service offerings into essential, bite-sized marketing services, giving companies the ability to implement marketing projects quickly and effectively.  

From this evolution, we realized the greater need of all professional service providers to have a similar capability. We pivoted the store offering to also include partner services to help businesses through this unprecedented time. With this, we introduced The Germ Fight Collective.  

Major Tom Founding Partner, Chris Breikss