Business Health Checkup and Road Map to Success

Business Health Checkup and Road Map to Success

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Gain insights on how to improve your results, no matter what the future holds.  

Bellrock’s unique benchmarking process provides the road map to achieving your goals. Whether you're after more revenue, more profit, or just more time with your family, we look at your existing processes and benchmark them against hundreds of best practices, drawn from multiple industries.

  • Understand how your processes stack up against the best of the best.
  • Gain clarity on where to dedicate your efforts in order to get the specific results you want.
  • Establish an implementation plan that is a road map to your success

What’s included:

  • Confidential Employee Questionnaire: Solicit employee feedback on how the organization is performing, what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve. This questionnaire also measures employee engagement.

  • Confidential Key Staff Interviews: One-on-one interviews to explore the potential attitudinal, structural, and political issues that could interfere with any change management initiative and begin the process of creating strategies for overcoming these barriers and creating buy-in. These 30-minute sessions also allow Bellrock the opportunity to discuss specific best practice processes that have led to success in other environments.

  • Confidential Client Survey: Telephone interviews with five clients to explore their purchasing drivers and how the company's products and services are positioned from their perspective. Additional clients are interviewed at $150 per interview.

  • Documentation Review: All relevant organizational, financial, process, and training information.

  • Road Map Development: Concurrent to the investigation, two to three best practice education meetings with the leadership provide a forum for discussing processes that, if put into place, would meet the specific organizational goals that were discussed during the opening conference. The return on implementing the best practices is forecasted and any potential barriers to implementation are uncovered. "

How it works:

  1. Introduction - First, we get to know each other. During our initial 2-hour discussion, your company leadership and our experts will dive into the current state and desired future. 
  2. Investigation - Next, we will dive into your business, gathering information through customer surveys, employee surveys, key employee interviews, then a 
    Documentation and process review. 
  3. Education - Once we have all the data, we sit down and draw insights from it, which we review and discuss with you over a series of 3-4 meetings, about 1 day apart. During these virtual meetings, we will discuss the strengths and opportunities of your business. We deliver a road map for you to achieve your goals. 
  4. Implementation - But we don't stop there, we sick with you until your map is carried out. We work with you and your team to make sure the right systems and processes are in place, staying until they stick and deliver lasting, valuable change. 

Time needed to deliver:

2 weeks

More about Bellrock Benchmarking:

Bellrock is a management consulting firm that helps leaders of small to medium sized businesses solve their toughest problems. Permanently. What sets us apart is that we stay to implement the solutions we recommend, often embedding a consultant right into the client organization for an extended period of time to make sure the solutions truly stick and value gets delivered. Bellrock, where remarkable is expected.


"Central to our success enabling us to grow from 30 to over 200 people was not slipping back into old habits. Bellrock not only helped train and implement what was missing, they taught us how to embrace change. We continue to use these skills regularly to keep improving our business. I never want us to stop using what Bellrock taught us." - Ryan Liebe, President, Triton Environmental

Relationship to Major Tom:

Bellrock met Major Tom when both of our companies had different names and both of our companies were trying to survive the 2008 financial meltdown. Bellrock worked with Major Tom to implement cash flow forecasting systems, sales process, organizational structure, leadership development and strategic planning.

When asked in 2010 if he was happy with their relationship, John Blown, Major Tom's Co-Founder said, "Immediately I saw the impact of their work. The changes in orientation and structure have played a major role in our company having its two best sales months ever in its history. We have experienced at least a 5:1 return and are 100% happy with their work."

The relationship, however, was far from one-sided. Major Tom helped Bellrock develop its online persona, Google Ads campaigns, and SEO. Results were immediate, but also long-lasting. Even today, many of Bellrock's customers come from a Google search. "I never would have believed it," said Tara Landes, Bellrock Founder, "but I am so pleased we invested early to get Major Tom's help. It's still paying dividends a decade later."

Save Time

This service is designed to tackle this problem quickly and efficiently and our team will get started as soon as we receive payment.

Low Risk

This service is guaranteed and if we are not able to complete your project on time and on budget, we will refund your money.

Expert Advice

Our team of digital strategists have worked on more than 1000 projects and we have been in the Internet business for 20+ years.


We've come to expect world-class results every time we partner with Major Tom for marketing or development support for our clients. Their expert team of consultants helped us support our clients with custom web development.

Seneca College

During an extensive engagement, Major Tom has delivered results that build toward key performance metrics. The team succeeds in offering individualized attention and exhibiting a client-focused project management approach. Their extensive knowledge of the space has produced a successful engagement.

Cactus Club Restaurants

Major Tom ran a successful array of digital marketing campaigns including gift card promotions that increased sales annually compared to the year prior. Their hiring ads attracted many qualified leads. Consistently reliable project management includes transparency and documentation.