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Solve a particular problem, unblock a project, or get unbiased advice from the experienced team at Ook to move your initiatives forward. With clear guidance and recommendations you’ll be able to keep technology working for you and your business.

Some example projects include, but aren't limited to:

  • Discussing particulars of a complex on-premises Exchange to Office 365 migration
  • Getting advice on the deployment and configuration of a campus-wide network and wi-fi project
  • Determining a strategy for integrating macOS devices with a Windows Server environment
  • Assisting with the selection of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform to manage a fleet of mobile devices

What’s included:

Ook’s Technology Consultation consists of a discovery call, an internal review by the Ook team, and a follow-up consultation call to discuss your particular project or challenge.

  • 30-Minute discovery and orientation call
  • Internal Review
  • Consultation Call, up to 2 hours

The most important outcome of our technology consultation is to provide value, advice, or guidance in such a way that it can concretely assist you and your team with your project.

How it works:

 This consultation is designed to provide an opportunity to discuss a particular initiative, project, or challenge that could benefit from the unbiased assessment from an experienced team of IT professionals. We’ll use our years-deep experience to understand, assess, and recommend a path forward to unblock you or your organization.

Ook technology consultation service

1. Discovery Call - This call can be booked immediately following the purchase of your Ook Technology Consultation. During this initial conversation we will be explaining the process in more detail, and providing an opportunity to hear from you on what particular questions you may have or challenges you’re trying to solve. We will also take this opportunity to book our final 2-hour consultation call.

2. Internal Review - If required, this is an opportunity for the Ook team to have an internal review of information that has been discussed, and prepare for your consultation call.

3. Consultation - Upon completion of Ook’s internal review of the discovery call, we’ll look forward to meeting with you for a consultation of up to 2 hours to address the specific project you have brought to us.

Time needed to deliver:

1 week

More about Ook:

Ook is a Vancouver-based Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) serving the small and medium business space since 2006. Ook provides full-stack IT services encompassing everything from networks, servers, desktops, and support services, to cloud services and infrastructure. Ook is a winner of the Canada Growth 500 award in 2019.


“As our businesses grow, so do the technologies that help us manage them. The Inform Group of Companies invited Ook to not only correct our past IT mistakes but also to prepare us for the future. With a variety of services and products offered through multiple business locations, simplifying our software management posed an interesting challenge. With Ook’s brilliant IT planning and management across all of our divisions, Inform is now able to freely and reliably operate and expand, all with a personal touch and the hands-on service that was lacking with other IT firms. Our systems have never operated more efficiently. Great work, Ook!”

- Harvey Reehal, Inform Group of Companies, Vancouver, BC

Relationship to Major Tom:

For over 5 years, Major Tom has trusted Ook to handle all our IT needs. Since we began working together, they have identified valuable opportunities for us to improve our systems and quickly corrected any vulnerabilities. Thanks to their guidance, we migrated to the cloud and now enjoy the convenience and security of remote accessibility, which has been imperative to our success and growth.

Save Time

This service is designed to tackle this problem quickly and efficiently and our team will get started as soon as we receive payment.

Low Risk

This service is guaranteed and if we are not able to complete your project on time and on budget, we will refund your money.

Expert Advice

Our team of digital strategists have worked on more than 1000 projects and we have been in the Internet business for 20+ years.


We've come to expect world-class results every time we partner with Major Tom for marketing or development support for our clients. Their expert team of consultants helped us support our clients with custom web development.

Seneca College

During an extensive engagement, Major Tom has delivered results that build toward key performance metrics. The team succeeds in offering individualized attention and exhibiting a client-focused project management approach. Their extensive knowledge of the space has produced a successful engagement.

Cactus Club Restaurants

Major Tom ran a successful array of digital marketing campaigns including gift card promotions that increased sales annually compared to the year prior. Their hiring ads attracted many qualified leads. Consistently reliable project management includes transparency and documentation.