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Zoom Dickie
Zoom Dickie
Zoom Dickie

Zoom Dickie

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The Zoom Dickie by Scholar Collar.

Scholar Collars, taking you from froom-to-Zoom in seconds — just in time for that last-minute client call. Simply slap one on and tuck it under your sweater, bathrobe, or old t-shirt for a pro-fresh-ional upgrade, right in the neck of time. 

These business bibs are ethically sourced and locally produced — no fast fashion, no landfills, no problem. This means it’s a lucky dip on exactly what you’re going to get but rest assured, they’ll all make you look like a shot-collar. Choose your main style by letting us know whether you’re a warm (red, orange, yellows) person or a cool (blues, greys, green) person, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Less shirt, no bulk, more fun.

Why do we love this product

“Just-in-time” process.

Save the space junk! We print our products on demand to ensure that we offer great merch without the waste.

Quality items you’ll want to hold onto

Our shirts are made with cozy, pre-shrunk fabric that splits the difference between comfortable and stylish — for flattering fits that feel great.

Out-of-this-world designs

No old signals here! Our merch is ripped straight from the brains of our team and designers for one-of-a-kind designs, hot off the presses.